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The electrostatic plant is the most modern typology of intervention, it is effective and it has low visual impact.
Using this system we have protected important monumental buildings, ecclesiastical buildings, as well as hundreds of civil and industrial buildings.
The effectiveness of this system consists in the fact that feeling the electric shake ( pain never perceived in nature) fliers will not try to fly near or over the building. Furthermore such action allows to reclaim a whole roof  by  protecting only some critical parts of it: gutter pipe, dormer windows, elevators….

Plant arrangement

The plant is fed by an electronic powerhouse. We produce this powerhouse by ourselves , it is an exclusive production. It transforms the normal  electricity, it raises it in voltage and reduces  the amperage in order to have a very annoying discharge. This discharge is absolutely not dangerous.

Report given by the University of Turin
(Politecnico)  regarding tests on electromagnetic and safety compatibility.

The active part of the plant is composed by two metallic conductors which are generally made of INOX aisi 316. They are separated by small insulators in polypropylene  which are resistant to the rays UV. Those rays cross the layout established during  the planning phase.

The great experience that we have built during the years, allows us to fix the plant in the less possible invasive   way. We work with managers and  renovators and we choose with them the right work for a specific kind of  building.

All the active elements of the plant must be naturally powered and therefore they must be joined among them through  isolated  jumper wires. They must be positioned in the most possible prudential way in order to hide them.   Rough edges or frames can be used.
In case of restoration, the planner can foresee root canal treatments in order to connect different parts of the plant.

Besides, underlined with red lines, you can see the position  in which the lines of an electrostatic plant are installed.

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